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After fulfilling her dream of exploring her musical talents (BA in Music: Ethnomusicology, College of William and Mary, Class of '06) Martene decided to take a different creative direction. Instead of being creative with a clarinet, percussion, or a dulcimer, she decided to expand her creativity to writing.

From her home office, Martene is out to see and write for all that'll listen!

Martene loves the fun of freely sharing her talents and expertise with others. She is experienced in:

  • Blogging for herself as well as on other blogs.
  • Writing paid posts for others and on her own blog for hosted promotions.
  • Understanding and using the rules of SEO to promote her blogs.
  • Writing up reviews for various retail sites, and publishers on their products
  • Using her computing skills in office applications [Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Outlook], various Windows OS (95-7) for various requests. She possess over 10+ years of experience in the above as well as in online web use.
  • She also has experience with Blogger and Wordpress applications.
  • She is knowledgeable to the world of social networking, having experience with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Stumble Upon, forums, and various IMs.

  • She has written on the following topics:

    Outdoor equipment
    Phone Apps
    Parenting Product Reviews
    Book Reviews
    MMOs (especially World of Warcraft, Second Life, Runes of Magic)
    Console Games
    Hand Held Gaming
    Table Top Gaming
    Video game strategies or reviews
    Micro gaming (Facebook games)
    Erotica and Adult Products/Reviews

  • She has over 17 years of Gaming experience (PC, hand helds, console, table top, Larp, LAN) that is a great asset to customers looking for these themes-

    MMOs (especially World of Warcraft)
    Console Games
    Hand Held Gaming
    Table Top Gaming
    Video game strategies or reviews

*references on request*


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