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Rewrite of Cheat Codes for Kingdom Hearts.

Defeating Cerberus
After the fast paced fight with Cloud, you think all is well til this behemoth leaps in! Don't be intimidated...he's easy. First focus target on the heads. They are easily avoidable with chain combos so beat them sense less. Mind you he has a nasty trick of spiting circular spots on the ground that spews up fire. They also chase you around. To avoid this, jump onto the boss' back leg then to the span of its back. The trail wont reach you and you have a small window of time to beat the three heads before being knocked off. Do this and a rather nasty fight becomes a simple hack and slash!

After that very difficult final battle with Riku, go back to the large room you fought him. Look to the stairs opposite of the keyhole. Up stairs you can barely see a chest. In it contains Oblivion Sora's second best weapon in game.

Q and A

How to unlock the hooded Unknown boss?
Q: I saw some videos on youtube, and see a hooded Xemnas (from KH2) fighting Sora? But I've played through the game and never figured out how to unlock him?

A: Xemnas is only in the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts (Japanese import version).


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