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Tonight was a slow one. As the days' grindingly slow work hours ebbed away, I decided to go hang at my favorite hole in the wall. Not so much for the beer, but for the cheap slots. Wasn't in the mood for any hard cord spending, just a quarter slot or 10.

Now slots are not the most glamorous of places, hell, the people by my side tend to be the quiet type. Not normally my cup of tea, but my mind was tired and mindless fun was what was on the itinerary. Mindless quiet fun if you consider the sound of loud quarters, drunks, and small chatter quiet. But hey, it was a little fun for a Thursday.

As I pumped in tonight's lucky quarter (ok, all my quarters are lucky- lucky they stay in my pocket!) a slim lady shakingly holding a drink tray walked by. Her slim fingers looked ready to give, the tray full of beer pitching towards floor. So being the gentleman I am, I dove lightening fast to catch her tray. A look of relief crossed her cute face.

Also being the hound I am, I remark, 'That would've been a shame seeing all that cheap sud all over you, honey. Wanna take a seat with me and catch your breath?' She remarks wryly, 'That's so sweet of you but I'll pass. But buying a drink off this try with all that cash would be a start'. She winked at me and saunters off.

I wonder out loud, 'what money?' I then note my machine. In my mad dash to help her out I had hit the leaver. My lucky coin was apparently just that as a $100 pile of tokens had piled out. Lucky indeed.


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