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I recall finding this in a local bookstore, not thinking much of it. But I also was present shopping and the friend I was buy for was getting married and is an avid book reader. I found it to be a funny gag gift.

So, I gave this to him, even though he obviously didn't need help in this area. Much laughter ensues as he puts the book away in the gift pile. I stopped by a month after the party, and I saw it lying around on the coffee table, and decided to quickly browse through it.
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Sometimes print wear can be a death knell for plus size women. Patterns, especially straight lines can actually emphasize those hidden trouble spots! But this dress sports a more abstract pattern that does the opposite of normal prints.

Boasting a V-neckline, this dress flatters top heavy women giving a full silhouette without doing a dreaded 'muffin top look'. The sleeves do a good job also of slimming the upper arms, and hiding trouble spots that tend to appear in that area.

The empire waist also does a nice job of slimming the waist; combine that with the knee length of the dress, it gives the over all appearance of having long, slim legs.

The pattern is pleasing to the eye, with its varying curved shades of brown. The whole outfit would pair nicely with a pair of black pumps and could work in a business environment as well as in casual outings.

The only thing that could distract from this dress is in fact the brown colors. Women with brown or darker skin would pop nicely against it, but very pale skin could get washed out against the darker color pattern.

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Seems Xbox 360 users who have games saves and profiles onto 'unauthorized third party storage devises' have a short amount of time to move their save data over. Microsoft's push to beef up security on the 360 (with very recent bans on players with pirated game codes and content) have led to incoming security changes starting with the Preview Patch this coming week. Users were warned that with the patch's release that save data on non approved storage devices will no longer work.


I’ve been in the massive, and gas wasting trek that is finding a LabCorp testing facility in my city. I’ve been there before, where they take some blood, process it, and ship it to my doctor. Nothing new. But it seems they are migrating ..or something. I even went to their official website to find addresses, double checked on mapquest/google, and called their insanely useless automated phone line.

And so I went to the first address by Oyster Point. And man finding an address right by (but sneakily hidden across from) the Omni hotel, on a street named ‘Omni’ was a painful waste of time. I finally found it (Grandma was driving too…>.<) and they had a scribble of a note saying they moved to a location off of Jefferson. Typical blog post off of my blog RL: Teh Bleh and Other Mundanities

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Do Trolls really need shoes? I've always wondered that. I've gotten bunches of boots (then again I've never found any rain boots in Azeroth so I guess the in game world doesn't have every type of shoe available), and the occasional sandal. But every time I look down, I only see my big, travel worn troll feet.
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